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EUFLOOR: radiant floor systems

09 March 2010
EUFLOOR: radiant floor systems

This is a system studied for the heating in any room. EUFLOOR is used in the civil and industrial fields, for brand new structures and also for renovations.

The materials used are of high-quality, the pipelines are guaranteed, high-density insulation materials for room with high specific loads and with high sound-proof level, where this characteristic is required.

The sales program EUFLOOR includes the radiant systems EUFLOOR BASE, EUFLOOR PLUS, EUFLOOR COMFORT and EUFLOOR DRY, created to reply especially to the heating and cooling requirements of private and public civil rooms, of any dimension and any kind of use.

Whereas, the radiant systems EUFLOOR INDUSTRY and EUFLOOR HEAVY INDUSTRY have been studied for the exigencies of the industrial and commercial structures of any dimensions and destined to several uses.

As well as these specific product lines, the program includes all the accessories and complements like: manifolds, cabinets, connections, protective or lubricating liquids, fixing systems, sensors and actuators that, connected to the simple but versatile regulation system, allow to obtain the whole system.

All the materials used guarantee high-quality on the whole and a stabile efficiency of the systems during the time.