EUKLIMA: ceiling and wall radiant panels for heating and cooling.

09 March 2010
EUKLIMA: ceiling and wall radiant panels for heating and cooling.

The radiant panels EUKLIMA represent the new frontier of radiant conditioning and utilize renewal energy sources. They guarantee thermal comfort, energy saving and reduction of polluting emissions.

EUKLIMA is an optimal solution to be used both in residential and in tertiary sector buildings, as well as in schools, hospitals, conference rooms and in all that structures where the main prerogatives are comfort, environmental hygiene and reduced acoustic pollution.

Thanks to the thermal exchange surfaces, what prevails is the radiant component. In this way it is possible to reduce the air draughts, the diffusion of dusts and polluting elements, as well as the noises are eliminated.

The efficiency is high both in winter, thanks to the use of low-temperature fluids, and in summer with fluids at higher temperatures respect to use of traditional fan coils unit.

The EUKLIMA sales program includes main connection and PE-Xc piping with oxygen barrier and relating insulation, manifolds for distribution and regulation, heat pumps, dehumidifiers, temperature and humidity sensors, control and regulation systems, both local and computerized, to serve the small flat till the big hotel.