STORAGES Out of compressor, a storage with defined capacity is able to create a reservoir of accumulation and reduce the pulsations naturally derived by the compressions phase.   CARLIEUKLIMA can offer different storage lay-outs.   A storage is made up of several gas cylinders modules with 80 or 140 litres of capacity. Gas cylinders can be assembled horizontally or uprightly in a steel frame that allows both easy installation and maintenance operations. Other arrangements are available according to customer needs.  

Main features:

  • Cylinder capacity: 80/140 l
  • Maximum working pressure: 270 bar
  • Shut-off valves for each cylinder
  • Regulating pressure system (on request)
  • High/medium/low pressure levels
  • Steel box (on request)

The continuous development to improve the product may include, without notice, changes or modifications as described.


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