ACCESSORIES SUPERVISION PROGRAM System of regulation and supervision (SCADA) to which can be interfaced all equipment of an entire filling station. The system, with appropriate programming, is able to manage all components of the station, continuously providing operating data and likely failures of individual devices. The system allows, via GSM, to intervene both in the resolution of failures that in the modification of the operating parameters. Although similar, the programs of supervision (SCADA) relating to stations, are made at the specific request of the customer and the characteristics of the plant in question, and therefore in fact are all different.  

PRIORITY PANEL The priority panel is an equipment usually positioned on the storage and compressor suction line in order to refill at different pressure levels.

Equipped with:  

  • Electro-pneumatic actuator
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Non return, safety and shut-off valves
  • Pressure gauges
  • Exhaust valves
  METERING SYSTEM The metering system task is filtering and measuring gas and adjusting discharge pressure until its value is consistent with correct working of refueling plant. It is manufactured according to customer requirements.

Equipped with:
  • Gas filter
  • Flow measuring system
  • Volume corrector
  • Non return valve
BOX Carlieuklima provides different kind of boxes to assemble compression unit, storage, electrical panel and other equipment of plant. Boxes are available in steel or reinforced concrete version and in different sizes. On demand, they can be soundproofed and air-conditioned to work even in extreme climatic conditions. Main and lateral doors make inspection and maintenance operations as easy as possible.
  • Gas detector
  • Air extractor
  • Lighting installation
  • Emergency push button
  • Soundproofed and air-conditioned room
  • Easy inspection and maintenance operations

The continuous development to improve the product may include, without notice, changes or modifications as described.


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